VINTAGE -  Lamb Coat, Black | STAMPE PELS
VINTAGE -  Lamb Coat, Black | STAMPE PELS
VINTAGE -  Lamb Coat, Black | STAMPE PELS

VINTAGE - Lamb Coat, Black

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Vintage lamb coat in a black colour. The coat has soft fur on the inside and suede on the outside.  with hood and normal stitch pocket and zip each side.

Material: Lambskin 
Length: 90 cm.
Details: 2 pockets
Fit: size EU 40

Fur is a sustainable material & a part of the slow-fashion industry.  
We at STAMPE want to contribute to these fine and eco-friendly qualities, by giving new life to vintage fur garments. 
That's why we are happy to introduce our new line of vintage garments, carefully selected by our furriers, to guarantee the quality of the fur and redesigned by our design team.

Our vintage line is only available for tryouts,  at our Copenhagen store. 
We are happy to ship any Vintage item, purchased on our webshop, to your chosen address. 
Terms & Conditions are the same as normal. 

How to Maintain:
You'll find our maintenance guide and our best advice under the menu "How to maintain your fur"

If you don't find the right answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us. You'll find our contact information on our front page, under the menu "Contact".


Stampe was established in 1946 by our grandfather Karl Viggo Stampe. Today the company is run by 3rd generation of furriers.

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