Ciara, 73 cm. - Hood - Rex - Women - Cafe Latte
Ciara, 73 cm. - Hood - Rex - Women - Cafe Latte

Ciara, 73 cm. - Hood - Rex - Women - Cafe Latte

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Levinsky since 1869. 150 years later Levinsky continues to provide customers with latest design and, DNA of the brand, finest skins for garments always at the right price. 
 Rex rabbits, is considered to be one of the most beautiful furs since the 1900s. It’s known for the short, plush pelt. It’s appearance is similar to more expensive furs like mink or chinchilla. Fur from the Rex-rabbit is not to be compared, to the fur of a normal rabbit.
If you have ever owned a garment, made from normal rabbit fur, you will be familiar with the fact, that it sheds a lot. 
The fur from the Rex-rabbit is of much higher quality, which means a thicker, softer fur, that does not leave your clothes covered in fur. All our fur apparel is still crafted by hand by our skilled furriers who have all the knowledge to make a long lasting apparel. Fur is a remarkably long-lasting product. Our mink coats can be worn for thirty or more years. A lot of our customers is often passing down their fur coats to daughters or grand-daughters. We even take the skins apart and completely restyle our customers coat. Sometimes we recycle the skins to make fx pillows, blankets or accessories. The pros of fur is that it will ultimately biograde and return to the soil by time without any harm to nature.


Stampe was established in 1946 by our grandfather Karl Viggo Stampe. Today the company is run by 3rd generation of furriers.

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