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Our company with the Family name STAMPE was established in 1946 by our Grandfather Karl Viggo Stampe.

He had a rough start to life and as a 12 year old boy his mother died and soon after his dad married a new woman. Due to hard times, they did not have the opportunity to take care of our grandfather so they decided to send Karl to an orphanage in Copenhagen. Coming from way out on the countryside he had a hard time with the other kids due to his different accent and cultural background. He soon learned how to fight and work hard. 

After a few years in Copenhagen he got an apprenticeship as a furrier student. Over time, his hard work slowly paid off. He managed to worked his way up and already in the beginning of his twenties he bought the company in which he was working. 

Our grandfather was CEO of the company until 1992 where his oldest son Poul Viggo Stampe took over the position after a hard start and crisis in the late 80th and beginning of the 90th. This was then followed up with many succesfull years and where the company took over another old danish fur company named Levinsky. Levinsky was established in 1869 by Moses Levinsky in Østergade in the center of Copenhagen. 

Today our father Poul Stampe is retired and I Michael Stampe who are also an educated furrier is running the company in collaboration with my brother Mike Stampe, sister Malene Stampe and cousin Anne Marie Stampe.

Karl Viggo Stampe

Founder of STAMPE Denmark

Poul Viggo Stampe

2. Generation

Michael Stampe

Current CEO
3. Generation

Today our design philosophy is still inspired by the scandinavian mindset. To ensure a high level of quality as well as supporting animal welfare, we are buying most of our skins from the auction houses Kopenhagen Fur and Saga Fur auction house located in Helsinki. 

Today we presents our Leather and fur garments at fairs in Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan and Hong Kong and sell to all over the world.

Our long family tradition and history means everything for us, and we work hard every day to continue this pleasant family journey. Our mission has not changed since the beginning - we simply strive to make the most beautiful and exclusive garments.


Kind regards,
Michael Stampe
CEO - K.V. Stampe & Sønner A/S


Stampe was established in 1946 by our grandfather Karl Viggo Stampe. Today the company is run by 3rd generation of furriers.